What the Montgomery Riverfront Brawl Reminds Us About Our Nation


Comedian, musician and military veteran, Rita Brent, joins Karen Hunter this week to discuss the Montgomery Brawl and her song, “Mess Around and Find Out.” 

On August 5th, a white mob tried to jump an older Black man. Upon seeing this in real time, Black people around ran (and swam) to defend this man. Videos of this altercation went viral, inciting reactions from the world. There is a clear message to be highlighted with this though. Tune in to Professor Hunter and Rita Brent as they discuss this, and what the future may entail. 

About Rita Brent:

Rita Brent is an award-winning comedian, musician, and military veteran. She grew up in Jackson, MS where she played music in Baptist churches alongside her mother and singer-pianist, Angela. She credits her mother for single-handedly cultivating her talents and preparing her for the entertainment business. By 18, she joined the Army National Guard where she served as a drummer in the 41st Army Band, ending her time in service as a sergeant. She began her radio broadcasting career at WJSU 88.5 FM as a student at THEE Jackson State University from which she graduated, and later spent six years at Mississippi Public Broadcasting as a host and producer. In 2013, she made a big leap into standup comedy. 9 years later, she has appeared on Comedy Central, truTV, Epix TV, LOL Network, Circle TV, CNN, and more. She tours as an opening act with her mentors, Rickey Smiley and Cedric the Entertainer. She wrote for the 73rd Primetime EMMY Awards, the Academy of Country Music Awards, The People’s Choice Awards, and Stand Out: An LGBTQ Celebration on Netflix. In 2023, she became a first-time Writers Guild Awards Nominee in two categories. 

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