Washington Football Team Bans Native American Themed Attire


The movement to stop using Native American-themed attire and imagery in sports was a long time coming. This year it finally arrived across the sports landscape.

From high school to professional sports teams, officials replaced offensive mascots with new team names and logos.

State officials in Oregon, Washington State, Maine, and Colorado all signed legislation that essentially bans Native American monikers and images from being used by high schools.

In baseball, the Cleveland Indians will become the Cleveland Guardians (at least for now as a roller derby team had that name first) in 2022.

In the NFL, Washington stopped using the Redskins name last season and became the Washington Football Team (WFT).

On Wednesday the WFT further separated themselves from their past by banning the use of Native American attire, imagery, headdresses, and face paint by fans at RFK Stadium.

“We recognize that not everyone is in favor of this change,” said team president Jason Wright in July. “And even the Native American community offers a range of opinions about both our past and path forward. But in these moments, it is important to prioritize the views of those who have been hurt by our historical use of Native American language, iconography and imagery.”

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