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Tracy McGrady Brings Back the Essence of Basketball With the Ones Basketball Association

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“It’s not a gimmick.”

Tracy McGrady wanted to make that clear as we discussed the launch of his new basketball competition, the Ones Basketball Association.

Some might think this is simply another basketball league that seeks to showcase the hottest talent outside of the NBA.

Those people are only partially correct as McGrady has bigger plans in mind.

The Ones Basketball Association is an elite competition that focuses on one-on-one competition, which separates it from other competitions such as the Big 3 or Overtime Elite.

That individual focus will make players want to improve their overall skills in order to win, not just to make IG highlight reels.

“We’re sticking to the essence of what basketball is,” McGrady told me. “Individual talent and skills.”

Starting this April, the regional competition will travel to seven cities including Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Brooklyn, the DMV, the Bay Area and Los Angeles. The Finals will then take place in Las Vegas sometime in July. Players must be 18 and older, can’t be on an NBA team and can’t have spent more than two years on an NBA roster.

Winners of the regional competitions will take home $10,000 each and qualify for a chance to be crowned “Ruler of the Court” and take home the $250,000 grand prize.

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