The Undocumented Entrepreneur: Is Your Immigration Status Stalling Your Business Idea?


One of the rapidly growing demography in the U.S. business sector is the undocumented immigrant population that is making a significant contribution to the American economy.

The increasing number of entrepreneurship among the undocumented population stands testimony to the resilience of the undocumented community that fared and prospered against all odds. It is a Sisyphean task for an undocumented immigrant to succeed in a system designed to exploit and undermine them through hurdles of credit scores, loan rejections and red taping from establishments and investors that automatically other them. 

Who would want to invest in a business idea and a business partner that is in constant threat of detention and deportation? Yet, undocumented immigrants are persevering and rising above limitations placed on their paths.  

Grants and sponsorships like the Spark Seed are funding programs that are very much helping and supporting undocumented entrepreneurs and small businesses.

An Immigrants Rising’s entrepreneurship fund, the Spark SEED is providing immigrant entrepreneurs with an opportunity to get their dreams off the ground, regardless one has DACA, TPS or no status at all, and sparking entrepreneurship dreams all over California.

The grant offers up to $10,000 in grants for eligible entrepreneurs. 

One’s immigration status shouldn’t define one and stand in the way of a better future and successful business ventures — and it shouldn’t determine or deter your business potential while waiting for elusive policy changes that are in distant grasp at a national level. 

While an inclusive and comprehensive immigration reform is needed at a national level, including a pathway to citizenship for millions, including Dreamers, TPS holders, farmworkers, and other essential workers, undocumented immigrants deserve to pursue their dreams and succeed in the business world.  

If you are an undocumented immigrant and a budding entrepreneur in California but your status is holding you back, the Spark SEED grant is here to provide support in fulfilling your dream and thrive.

The UndocuBlack Network is honored to be part and bearer of this good news of opportunity and juncture. 

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