The ‘My Bad Steph Curry’ Apology Tour Begins

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In Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Steph Curry answered all of the questions he’s been consistently peppered with.

He silenced the doubters and was elevated to the status he’s always deserved but unfairly denied access to.

After winning his fourth NBA title, Wardell Stephen Curry II was finally deemed an All-Time NBA great by media pundits and fans who formerly refused to grant him admission into the club of NBA elites.

And that’s despite having a Hall of Fame-ready resume that includes history-making and record-setting accolades.

But Steph embraced the hate, accepted the challenge and proved the haters wrong.

Now Chef Curry is a 4x NBA champion.

And he did it without Kevin Durant, something most Curry doubters always pointed to when discussing his career.

There’s no disputing Durant’s greatness, but it shouldn’t overshadow the greatness of Curry.

Aside from his four titles, Curry has two NBA MVPs, two scoring titles, one All-Star Game MVP and one Finals MVP, the latter two of which he earned this season.

In this year’s Finals, Curry led both teams in scoring with 31.2 ppg.

But his game has been elite all season.

He was tenth in scoring with 25.5 ppg.

At the 2022 NBA All-Star Game, Curry dropped 16 three-pointers en route to a 50-point night and All-Star MVP.

”It’s right on the nose of how it should go,” Curry said after the game.

It was a prophetic statement as the season went the way it was supposed to go for the game’s deadliest shooter.

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