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The Magic Donated $50k to DeSantis’ Super Pac: Orlando Players/Coaches, What Will You Do?


DeSantis’ attack on civil and human rights has extended to almost every aspect of society in Florida, from corporations to higher ed. Now we’re all learning that sports are officially involved in supporting the governor’s fascist reign.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the Orlando Magic donated $50,000 to Ron DeSantis’ Super Pac.

At first, there was some confusion as to whether the donation came from the Magic or from its owners, the DeVos family. But yesterday the confusion was clarified when records from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) confirmed that the donation to “Never Back Down Inc.” was indeed from the Orlando Magic franchise.

After initially declining to wade into the issue, the Magic finally released a statement.

“To clarify, this gift was given before Governor DeSantis entered the presidential race.  It was given as a Florida business in support of a Florida governor for the continued prosperity of Central Florida,” said a team spokesperson.

According to FEC records, the Magic’s donation was received on June 26th, almost a month after DeSantis announced his bid for president on May 24th. The team noted that the check was date May 19th, days before the announcement, but that’s an excuse for DeSantis was hinting at a presidential run in the weeks prior.

He even traveled through Japan, South Korea, Israel and the United Kingdom in late April. His camp denied it was for the purposes of a presidential run but everyone knew better.

“While the trip is officially billed as a trade mission, the tour is widely seen as an attempt to burnish his foreign policy credentials in the lead-up to an official announcement, expected in the late spring or early summer,” wrote Reuters on April 21st.

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