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The Coach Cass Show: Ep. 36- ‘How to Get Over Your Ex’

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During this episode of “The Coach Cass Show,” the popular love coach speaks with “Crown Corrector,” Jay West about setting boundaries, cheating in relationships, grieving lost love, and more.

West opened up about an experience of her own which forced her to set a boundary.

“I had to set the boundary. I really did because I realized I was continuing to hurt myself every time,” she explained to Coach Cass.

“Every time I was hurting myself. And when he would leave, I felt [like], ‘Oh my God.’ I was devastated because it’s like, the realization that we are really no more.”

But West added that the boundary was vital because she knew she wanted and deserved more from a relationship.

“I didn’t want to be anybody’s booty call. So I decided that we would meet with the kid to his sister’s house. I would take my child to the sister’s house and I would leave,” she continued. “I would purposely tell him ‘I’m going to be there at four.’ I would go there at three-thirty and I would leave. […] Because I don’t want to meet him because I know my heart is still attached. I have to disconnect. You understand?”

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