You Either Learn Or You Don’t Eat

Motivational Speaker Eric Thomas Asks Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed


Critically acclaimed author, world-renowned speaker and educator, Eric Thomas delivers a speech at Breathe University, Thomas’s online school, about his experience during a vacation trip to Dubai.

He recalls visiting a shop and seeking assistance from three different staff members and explains his encounter with the first person he spoke to at the shop, which was negative. The second person said she didn’t know how to do what he needed. The third person asked him what he needed and made it happen.

“What came next blew my mind!” he said.

This person helped a variety of customers, with different ethnic backgrounds, that spoke different languages. This man spoke six languages, which he learned when he came to Dubai four years ago.

“You either learn them, or you don’t eat,” the man said. And this was the catalyst to this speech:

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