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Jacquette Timmons

More Than Money: How Often Do You Think About Economic Growth?

Why do so many hard working people still find themselves in a place of economic need? How flawed or how completely false is the...

More Than Money: You Don’t Need to be Struggling to Do a Financial Reset

Are you under the impression that you need to do poorly financially before you implement a reset? In this episode, Jacquette discusses why we...

More Than Money: What Does Going the Extra Mile Look Like For You?

What do you typically do when you reach a goal? Do you coast, do go the extra mile or do you use it as...

More Than Money: The Benefit of a Financial Audit

Are you ready to stabilize your financial situation? Have you figured out your financial weak spots and where you might be winning or losing?...

Asking and Accepting Help

Are you as good at asking for help as you think? In this episode of "More Than Money", Jacquette Timmons breaks down how asking...

It’s “More Than Money”

Financial Behaviorist, Jacquette Timmons, explores the psychology, emotions and the math of money so that you can make better, smarter choices no matter where...

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