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Students Forced to Relocate After Flooding at Atlanta University Center


Clark Atlanta University officials announced they are relocating some students into temporary housing after more than two inches of rain fell in as little as an hour, flooding parts of Downtown Atlanta, Morehouse College, the Atlanta University Center and surrounding areas.

Many took to social media to share images of the damage, which saw students flooding the University Center hallways and even vehicles submerged in water. Many students were left without power.

“I got up, and she went to go check, like outside the door, and she started seeing water everywhere. And so, I had got up, and then, one of our other roommates, like across from us, she was like going back into her room until the water broke her window, and like fell all the way through in her room and stuff,” said Clark Atlanta student Mya Moore told Fox 5. “So, I got up and me and my roommate grabbed everything we needed and we basically trudged out of there and went upstairs.”

The HBCU was quick to release a statement via its website:

“A severe thunderstorm watch was issued earlier today around 2:06 p.m. within Metropolitan Atlanta. The area experienced heavy rains causing some streets near Clark Atlanta University’s (CAU) campus to flood and some of the University’s residence halls to experience flooding.
CAU Public Safety, Student Affairs, and Facilities Management quickly responded to the incidents to support students during the inclement weather,” the statement reads.

“Additionally, remediation companies are currently on campus removing water and making repair assessments. All students living in the residential areas affected by flooding are in the process of being relocated to new housing. We will continue to assess the impact of the severe inclement weather,” the statement concludes.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens released a statement Thursday evening:

“The Administration has deployed the full resources of the City to address the flash flooding incidents after heavy rain across the metro area. Our Department of Watershed Management has reported that intense storm fronts and hail moved through several communities. Preliminary rain gauges have shown three hours’ worth of rain in just 15 minutes in some areas of downtown. While some are still struggling with flooding issues, most flooding areas are receding. I’ve also called AUC Presidents, as well as Georgia Tech and Georgia State University, to check on students, faculty and staff to offer our full support,” he asserted.

“Thank you to our first responders, the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, Atlanta Police Department, our E-911 personnel, Department of Watershed Management, Department of Public Works and everyone in our community pitching in to make sure we protect, care for and love on the people of Atlanta in emergency situations that occur every day.”

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