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She Comes Undone

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This week a one, Angela Renee White, formerly known as Blac Chyna, and according to certain parts of the internet, still known as Blac Chyna has announced again another portion of her life-changing journey. 

After having her facial and body implants and tattoos (including one of the Baphomet…whoa) removed, she suspended her OnlyFans account that was making her millions of dollars a year, and then decided to take a dip in the Christian forever pool, giving her life to Christ instead of the E Channel. 

Barring my personal beliefs about people needing religion to finally be good people, I am very happy for any changes that make someone want to be a better version of themselves.  It also seems that Angel…a is not the only one who has given her body to God.

Other video/IG socialites who are known for their sex appeal and their slightly sh-tty personalities have also come forward, retired from their harlot hobbies, and are giving their loins to the lord. It seems that Brittany Renner, some basketball player’s baby mama, I don’t know the guy’s name ’cause it’s not that important, and one of Fetty Wap’s baby mamas, Alexis Skyy, are reforming their bad girl ways. Brittany had a sit-down chat with the established gentleman himself, denouncing her former hoe ways, while Alexis made a one-size-fits-all apology to all the other IG/Baddie/social media influencers/baddies. 

Some would say that feminism inspired their old ways of being liberal with their bodies, and it being their bodies and, therefore, their choices to do whatever with them that they pleased.

But I call bullsh-t. 

Again, while I champion positive change, even if it’s down to the aesthetic, it feels like these women are going from one end of the spectrum of seeking the male gaze to the other. I would like to say that women get plastic surgeries for themselves, but I simply don’t believe that is true, no matter what Twitter says.

Are we really to believe that people get plastic surgery to feel better about themselves or to have others feel better about them? To say that women don’t obsessively alter their bodies for the male gaze is patently false. And while Renner has denounced the need or want for plastic surgery, her comments stating that women can’t be serious about being picked if they are not in the gym three times a week is still very much leaning toward finding a man rather than finding contentment and happiness within self. Mind you, Renner said this at the beginning of this year, so it is still very much in line with her new Bible-thumping, knees now raw from prayer, holier than thou, finally made it to Jesus before it was too late, attitude. 

There is a thin line between complete bodily autonomy and the right to do harm to your body. I think some of these women have made it to that line, and when it didn’t work for them, they turned around and went in the complete opposite direction. Could giving your life to the lord and reforming your jezebel ways be the trending grift? I am not sure if Angela is on the prowl for new man meat, but Renner recently gave tips about being picked. Therefore, I imagine that is still where her head is.

While I absolutely support bodily autonomy and sexual equity for men, women and anyone in between, I surely am not one to let a man use and abuse my body in the name of preserving feminism. I can be sexual and responsible at the same time, and I don’t need sky daddy’s handholding to figure that out. Maybe the new schtick is being holy enough to get a man instead of getting him with your holes, but honestly, I hope it’s not. Admittedly, becoming a wife is a bit harder to achieve when a man thinks the world doesn’t respect you, but at least covering up gives you a better chance of being picked and leveling up from simply seeking the male gaze to being a wife.

But, and it’s a very big plastic but it does not guarantee you respect.

I really hope they are happy and are continuing to find and keep better versions of themselves, but I can’t lie and say I’m a bit concerned, to say the least. I am genuinely happy for Angela, Alexis and Brittany if their new paths are indeed better ones, but I am a bit worried that this swing in the pendulum will simply not be the balance that they think it is.

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