Rep. Byron Donalds Refuses to Step Down Amid Calls for his Resignation


Florida GOP congressman Rep. Byron Donalds, a member of the Republican “Freedom Force,” is refusing to resign after calls that he step down after he objected to the certification of the electoral votes earlier this month.

Donalds appeared on “Fox & Friends,” where he responded to CNN’s Keith Boykins’ who called on him to “resign in disgrace,” one of two Black representatives to object to the Electoral College.

“I’m not going to be dissuaded. I’m not going to be afraid. I’m gonna put both feet down in the sand and I’m going to stand for what I believe no matter what the left thinks,” Donalds said.

The Republican stated that Boykins is “flat-out wrong,” adding that “crazy people on the left” think “just because I’m Black, I’m only supposed to be a Democrat. I’m only supposed to be a progressive.

“It shouldn’t have anything to do with the color of my skin,” he said. “I think that as Americans, we have the ability and freedom to speak what we want to speak, think how we want to think, believe what we choose to believe. That’s the basis of this country.”

Utah Republican Congressman-elect Burgess Owens is also among the 147 Republicans who voted to overturn election results.

Utah-based government watchdog group Alliance for a Better Utah is calling on Owens to step away from his position.

“Since the election, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court rejected multiple GOP efforts to overturn the results of Pennsylvania’s election,” Better Utah stated in a press release.

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