Remember Barack Obama?

On This Election Day, This List is a Reminder of the Possibilities and Who We Can Be

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This week’s list falls on Election Day and given the current climate in America, it nice to reminisce about the first African American president of the United States. The lead book, Obama: The Historic Presidency of Barack Obama, which was released last April, is an insider view of his presidency. From Pres. Obama’s victory speech to his farewell address, award-winning photojournalist Mark Greenberg uses news clips, speeches and of course, photos to tell the story of Pres. Obama’s days in office. Also on this week’s list are a couple of books for young people, Of Thee I Sing, which was written by Pres. Obama as a letter to his daughters, Sasha and Malia, and Dream Big, a picture book by the official White House photographer Pete Souza. The World As It Is, the latest book about the Obama White House and Pres. Obama’s first book, Dreams From My Father round out this week’s list. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote!

Obama by Mark Greenberg

Beautiful photos, news clipping and actual speeches round out this book, which chronicles the   2,920 days that Barack Obama was president of the United States. Written by Mark Greenberg, a White House photographer who shares several never-before-seen images and gives us a bird’s eye look into several unfolding moments during the Obama presidency—such as the Osama bin Laden raid and moments from his White House Correspondence dinner appearances. Ken Burns, award-winning documentarian, delivers a foreword that is right-on. This book would look great on your coffee table.

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