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On Showtime Canceling ‘Ziwe’:  Now It’s Time to Cancel Showtime 


On Thursday, Showtime announced that they will not be renewing late night variety series, “Ziwe,” for a third season, leaving many fans questioning why? Although the series doesn’t have the largest numbers on the network, it does have a strong, dedicated fan base and countless viral moments that flood twitter. 

“Ziwe” first aired on Showtime in 2021, and is hosted by Ziwe Fumudoh herself. Fumudoh masterfully uses satire and cringe comedy to compose hilarious interviews and variety show segments that take on controversial topics regarding race, politics, and other social issues. 

What really hooks people into this show and what has made Fumudoh herself a viral icon is her genuine personality. Ziwe Fumudoh is an unapologetically Black woman, and she is unapologetic in her interviews as well. She goes for the gut and thrives off of other people’s discomfort and awkwardness which makes for great content. In the midst of all the comedy though, Ziwe also shows us through satire how ignorant we all can be in this society and even though it’s funny, it does make you start to think differently. You can even see this with the guests she has on the show which include Drew Barrymore, Eboni K. Williams, Andrew Yang, Wayne Brady, Julia Fox and many more. 

In a world full of racists, misogynists, elites and straight up ignorant people, we need a Ziwe.

The show is one of several other series to be discontinued on the platform following the rebranding of the network as it joins Paramount+. Some other canceled series include: “The Wood,” “American Gigolo,” and “Let the Right One In.”

On top of that, the network is ordering a series of Mandy Patinkin’s comedy, “Seasoned.”  

The rebranding of the network initiated with Paramount Global president of entertainment and youth brands, Chris McCarthy replacing executive, David Nevins, as CEO of the now Showtime with Paramount+ platform. In a memo obtained by Variety Magazine, McCarthy said: 

The SHOWTIME brand has always attracted audiences that prefer content that has more edge and more mature themes, and that focuses on complicated characters and layered worlds. SHOWTIME content appeals to metro-minded viewers that are more culturally diverse with a higher concentration living in cities vs. the population at large. These audiences and themes are complementary to the Paramount+ brand, which is much broader, appealing to the entire family and general market audiences across the country.

The question is, if you’re celebrating a culturally diverse and open minded audience, why on earth would “Ziwe” be one of the first shows to go? And why did you decide to replace the show with a 70 year old white man’s comedy series?

The good news is no matter what, Ziwe Fumudoh’s career still has many outlets. The comedian writes jokes for other notable comedians, guest appears in shows, and voice acts. She also recently walked in Paris Fashion Week for Mugler and killed it on the runway. 

Still, many fans hope that another network has the sense that Showtime with Paramount+ lacked, and picks up the show-and we do too!

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