Michelle West…#FreeHer

Detroit Mother Is Serving Life For Several Non-Violent Drug Charges

Michelle West's daughter, Miquelle

While people are celebrating the release of Alice Johnson last week, there are still thousands of women still locked up who deserve to be home. We will be telling there stories. I hope you share them and make their cases viral. This week, we are asking that you make Michelle West a household name.

West was born in Detroit, MI, and was sentenced to two life sentences plus 50 years in 1993, for conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, aiding and abetting a drug related murder *which she did not commit), issuing false statements to institution with deposits insured by the FDIC and laundering of monetary instruments.

She has served more than 25 years and her only daughter, Miquelle, tells her mom’s story in this documentary from Revolt #FREEMICHELLEWEST.:

These are some of West’s accomplishments while she’s been incarcerated:

  • Pre-Incarceration/Entrepreneur; Post-Incarceration/Marist College Certificate in Business Management with Legal Application; Naugatuck Community College (Starting Your Own Home Based Business or Small Business), Career Resource Tech Apprenticeship from U.S. Department of Labor; Advanced Computer Training; Spanish Level 1; Post-conviction rehabilitation includes numerous ACE certificates.
  • Philanthropic Efforts: Obtained Warden approval to organize fundraiser(s) for FAMM at F.C.I. Danbury; Facilitated the distribution of toys for the Sylent Heart Foundation 2014 Toy Drive for children with incarcerated parents; Provided weekly mentoring sessions for young adult inmates at F.C.I. Danbury.
  • In 2005, inmate West received a letter of commendation from an Associate Warden at FCI Danbury. It states that she assisted the Correctional Services Department during their Program Review and also during their American Correctional Association accreditation. “She performed at a high level and is a competent worker.”

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