Lil Boosie Bad Ass Goes Bad on His Own Kid


Torrence Hatch Jr., also affectionately known as “Lil Boosie” or “Lil Boosie Bad Azz,” recorded a diss track speaking on the tenuous relationship with his Baby Mama and their shared daughter, Toriana.

The beef seems to stem from Lil Boosie’s daughter doing things that he does not agree with. Well, things he doesn’t agree that his daughter should do, at least on his end. From her perspective, he has not been attentive enough and he is merely a sperm donor and not a father, which might contribute to some of her attention-seeking behaviors that he claims has them at odds. I have so many thoughts, so many, so here they go.


Lil Boosie claims, specifically, that his teenage daughter was engaging in sexual activity at school, which honestly what concerned parent would not be worried that their teenager was engaging in sexual activity, especially at school, unless of course you paid a stripper to give your 12 and 13-year-old son and nephews oral copulation, this is according to his own words.  Now, is there proof that this occurred? Not exactly, but I am pretty sure if you are bragging about paying someone to sexually assault a minor, you probably did in fact do that. Lil Boosie has a history of making homophobic and transphobic comments and in reference to this event, specifically, his reasoning was, “I’m getting them prepared, man.” I am only to assume he is preparing his boys for a life of thinking that sex is transactional, oh, and like not to be gay or whatever. 

Speaking of not being gay, Torrance gifted his daughter a bubble gum pink Mercedes Benz for her 16th birthday, and as she claims, took it back because she did not like the color and the only reason he gave her that color was because of his homophobia. She also claims that many of his acts of kindness were redacted once the camera phones were put away.

The diss track, “Ungrateful,” which, terribly enough has a nice melody, is full of family business that I feel is frankly cruel to air. While the song is not about their situation in totality, it is absolutely filled with more than enough vitriol about the drama between Boosie, his baby mama, and their daughter in one verse.

The lyric about her brother was especially heinous, not because he mentioned the death of her brother, but because he pretty overtly alludes that her brother was sexually abusing one of their sisters. I will not have sympathy for her brother if this is in fact true, but I’m sure she did feel a way about him and mentioning his death was cruel enough, but to air out business that was not his was not right at all. Exposing that someone was a victim of sexual abuse, not even the target of your ire (not that it makes it okay) is awful beyond belief.  Additionally, Boosie gets on Instagram Live and essentially exposes his daughter’s sex life while also shaming her by saying, “You giving away yourself at a game, at my son’s football games.” How embarrassing, having other grown men comment on your daughter’s sexual activity.  It’s interesting how sex is okay for his 12-year-old son but too much for his 14-year-old daughter (it is all too much for me, but this is definitely not how I would go about either situation). In a voice recording aired by Toriana’s mother, you can hear Torrence threatening to black his daughter’s eye (THAT REQUIRES A PUNCH IN THE FACE TO ACHIEVE) and yet some people still believe he is the better parent in this situation because of his (feigning) concern. Not saying it is impossible, but the man with eight children and six baby mamas, somehow being the most concerned and involved parent, is a bit of a stretch for me to believe. 

The saddest part of their beef is that Toriana expresses that her father is the first [inward] to break her heart. 

From the outside looking in, it seems that Boosie wants to control his children and their mothers with money but then wants to accuse them of being gold diggers. He has even reportedly taken his 16-year-old daughter out of the will. While they both have thrown terrible language at each other, there is nothing adult about an adult man calling his underaged child a “bitch,” for millions of people to see. I find it odd that the same man who sang about “two redbones kissing in the backseat,” and mentioned having a sex worker perform sex acts on children is not only obsessed with the sexuality of his children but also that they are engaging in sex at all.

If Lil Boosie has done nothing else, he has been true to the stereotype of hip-hop and the cultural mindsets that support it, the hypervigilance when it comes to the sexuality of boys, and the hypervigilance when it comes to the sex of girls; the allowance and celebration of bisexuality in women (as long as it includes men), whilst also slutshaming them for having sex. Airing your family laundry out, specifically your underage child for money is exploitative and no one can tell me differently. There is no sympathy that he will ever receive from me no matter what he or his daughter says. 

Lil Boosie has a lot to say about a lot of things and is often on the wrong side of logic; I find it super poetic that his female namesake is the one whom he can’t outtalk and is the bad azz that he proclaimed himself to be. 

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