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Kanye Doesn’t Need Your Support Over His Child Support

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Mention child support online, and you are sure to find some man who was wronged out of his $100 a week bemoaning the evils of having to give a woman money who used to give them…the time of day.  I’ve seen numerous statements from men online that kids whose fathers are in their lives do not need child support. There is the implication that child support is some sort of get-out-of-parenting-free card, or that the custodial parent doesn’t spend money on shared children.

It is common knowledge that child support exists to support an equal lifestyle for the children in both homes as to prevent favoritism among parents, at least as far as finances are concerned.  I’ve seen a lot of anger about the judgment that Kim Kardashian received, and I understand for most people, $200,000 is a lot of money.

But Kanye West is not most people.

Are we concerned that a man who had a hit song about a Lamborghini is in any way in dire straits?  While most rappers may exaggerate their financial abilities, Kanye West has never been most rappers. A man who willingly paid one million dollars a day to live in the Mercedes Benz Stadium is hardly a pauper. Additionally, that means that the total amount that Kanye will have spent on child support in a year is equivalent to him having spent a mere 2.4 days in the Mercedes Benz Stadium.  

Rappers make songs all the time about how they waste their money, but somehow child support evokes sympathies from an audience, who sees themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires and want to all of a sudden be frugal with someone else’s money. They see themselves as a Kanye still loading. Kanye is their inner genius who got to be something.

Why is there a clamor of poverty when uber millionaires have to pay child support? Rappers will literally spend their wealth on an overstocked garage and Jacob the Jeweler’s kids’ college funds but somehow their audience members think child support for their own kids is exorbitant?!?!?  According to Billboard, just his three Donda concert dates grossed $12 million dollars.

If you go by calculations for their monthly incomes, hers being $6 million and his being $9 million, he’s actually paying a third of what California’s amount would be asking for joint custody, especially for someone who admittedly only has his children 20% of the time. When it comes to the lessening of his over billion-dollar fortune, he can always petition the courts for lower payments. 

For some reason, people act as if the custodial parent only spends money that is given from child support payments. This is not a case of a woman getting rich from child support. She was already rich. Arguing over whether someone who complained that the media said he wasn’t rich enough, should pay for his own kids’ nannies, security, transportation, education, etc., and quality of life they previously had as a family unit, will never be a hill where I take my last breath.

Listen, you do not have to pay a cent towards any of those kids’ lives. Kardashian-West vs. West will not be your downfall. Your baby mama will still not go on a shopping spree with your $87 a month. It’s ok. Breathe, because out of all the people I’ve seen complain about how Kanye is being robbed, Kanye wasn’t one of them.

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