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Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz Continue to Make History at the WWC


For everyone on the East Coast who got up early this morning to watch Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz at the Women’s World Cup, you were treated to history.

The Jamaican women’s soccer team, which made its first FIFA Women’s World Cup appearance in 2019, has already shocked the field with its performance so far, bringing joy to Jamaican fans across the globe.

In 2019, the Reggae Girlz lost their three matches by a combined score of 12-1.

But 2023 has been a completely different story.

This morning, Jamaica tied Brazil 0-0 and advanced to the Knockout round for the first time ever despite only scoring one goal in the group stage.

They also made history by becoming the first Caribbean nation to make the Knockout stage in Women’s World Cup history.

For a team that was struggling to raise money to make the trip to Australia/New Zealand, they’ve more than made up for a lack of finances with their refusal to quit or bow down to traditional soccer powerhouses like France and Brazil.

Jamaica’s 2023 WWC began with a 0-0 tie with France, earning the team its first-ever World Cup point.

A week later, the Reggae Girlz made history again by earning their first-ever World Cup victory, a 1-0 win over Panama. They also scored their first goal of the tournament.

That victory earned them a shot at Brazil, a country well known for its love of the Beautiful Game and its soccer prowess.

But reputation meant nothing to Jamaica.

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