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It’s Time for the NCAA to Stand Up to Republican Attacks on Education


The attacks on higher ed, and education in general, led by Republicans in states such as Florida and Texas, are disgusting. Yet educators, unions and their supporters seem to be the only ones standing up to these fascist and racist regimes.

I previously wrote about sports needing to fight back against leaders such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but one specific organization has infuriatingly remained in hibernation as institutions, boards, educators, curriculums and individuals suffer.


According to its mission statement, the NCAA is “a member-led organization focused on cultivating an environment that emphasizes academics, fairness and well-being across college sports.”

Notice the statement starts with academics, denoting the importance of education and curriculum.

Under academics, the NCAA states, “To get the most out of college, student-athletes have to suc­ceed on the court and in the classroom. The NCAA provides opportunities to learn, compete and grow on and off the field.”

Under fairness, the NCAA notes its “committed to providing a fair, inclusive and fulfilling environment for student-athletes and giving them a voice in the decision-making process.”

And under well-being, it states, “In 1906, the NCAA was founded to keep college athletes safe. The Association is still working hard to protect them physically and mentally.”

This means the NCAA should already be heavily involved in the fight against the attacks on education. If it’s truly dedicated to academics, the classroom, opportunities to learn, growing off the field and ensuring the physical and mental well-being of student-athletes, the NCAA should be leading the counter-attack on states like Florida and Texas.

Instead, not only has the NCAA remained silent, it has actually rewarded these states by granting them NCAA Championship events. This includes the 2023 men’s and women’s Final Four in Houston and Dallas, respectively, and two upcoming College World Series regional events in Miami and Gainesville.

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