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Get to Know The Rapper Lil Baby Through His New Documentary, ‘Untrapped’

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The Hub’s Entertainment Watch List: Untrapped, The Story of Lil Baby 

Hip-hop artists are typically known for their flashy personas, but fans are not always given a realistic glimpse into the person behind the persona. However, one of this generation’s biggest rappers decided to lift the veil of mysticism surrounding his life to allow fans an inside look at who he is. Atlanta rapper Lil Baby released his documentary, Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby, on Prime Video on August 26.

The 27-year-old Atlanta native does not have a typical relationship with rapping that many of his peers do. Many entertainers tell a story of knowing from an early age that they were destined to be the next big star, but that was not the case for Lil Baby. Instead of chasing fame, the rapper chased street life and had to be coached into rapping.

Before he gained acclaim in the music game and on the streets of West Atlanta, the rapper was just Dominique Armani Jones. Lil Baby was born on December 3, 1994, and was predominantly raised by his single mother.

Although it is not a focus point of the documentary, the artist does reflect on not having his father around while growing up on multiple occasions. It did not define how the rapper turned out but it did shape how he navigated the world around him.

“After I got locked up again, my perspective changed. America has a system in place and it’s designed for us to fail. It’s a trap,” stated Lil Baby in the trailer for the film. His run-in with the law pushed him closer to the main stage. The documentary also provides insights into the people that helped support and guide his career, including fellow Atlanta rapper Young Thug and Quality Control executive Pierre “Pee” Thomas. 

The intimate look at the life of the award-winning rapper was well-received by fans and received three stars from film critic Roger Ebert.

The 93-minute documentary was directed by Karam Gill and weaved previously unseen childhood footage of the rapper with personal moments and major performances. Ultimately, it offered fans a well-rounded view into the father, son and advocate behind the “Lil Baby” persona. 

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