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Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis Proved He Is Who Boxing Fans Knew He Was- a Star

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To be a bonafide star athlete, your talents must be undeniable and your presence must loom large.

Last night in Brooklyn, Gervonta “Tank” Davis proved his stardom to those who foolishly questioned it.

In a fight loaded with bad blood, verbal venom and even a physical altercation at the weigh in, Tank took a right hook from Rolando Romero in the sixth and responded with a devastating left hook that ended Romero’s hope of winning the WBA Lightweight title.

After the shot heard ’round Brooklyn, the sold-out Barclays Arena exploded as Romero lay stunned in the corner.

As the count edged closer to 10, Tank slowly approached his opponent, like a hunter stalks his prey.

Romero got to his feet, but his face told the story. His body said yes, but his mind had already shut down for the night.

When Romero failed to follow his instructions, the referee waved his hands and fans from Brooklyn down 95 to Baltimore exploded once more.

Tank Davis (27-0, 25 KOs), the five-time world champion and pride of Baltimore, defended his WBA Lightweight title.

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