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Fred Hickman, Legendary Sports Broadcaster, Passes Away

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Lost in the election results was the news the legendary sports broadcaster, Fred Hickman, passed away at the age of 66.

The broadcast veteran was perhaps most well known for his work on CNN as the co-anchor of “Sports Tonight” which began in 1980. The long-time on-air personality, according to USA Today, was also the first broadcaster to appear on the YES network when it debuted on March 19, 2002

“Fred was a joy to work with and a joyful person,” said Yankees announcer Michael Kay said in a statement. “A total pro that you felt comfortable with knowing he would lead you the right way on the air. He was the first voice ever heard on YES and his professionalism put us on the right track, a track we are on all these years later.”

During his long career in sports, Hickman worked for ESPN, HFox Sports South, WVUE in New Orleans, WVLA-TV in Baton Rouge, The now-shuttered Black News Channel, and most recently WDVM-TV in Maryland.

Hickman was one of the few original national Black sports broadcasters on air when he began his career and quickly became one of the most well-recognized faces in all of sports.

Everyone who knew and/or worked with Hickman was saddened by the news of his passing.

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