Evander Kane Needs to Check Himself Because He’s Wrecking Himself


San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane seems to mean well when it comes to social justice pursuits in hockey.

Anyone who isn’t willfully ignorant is aware hockey has systemic issues when it comes to racism and equal access in the sport.

Through his outspokenness over the years, Kane understands that.

Yet issues surrounding the basic pleas from women and other marginalized groups regarding humanity, safety, and accountability are historically unanswered and ignored. So where is the line when it comes to true restorative justice and someone simply being a bad guy?

Kane has a history of self-inflicted transgressions. From an allegation of sexual assault and fights to extensive gambling debtshomophobic tweets, and allegations made by his wife of gambling on NHL games, Kane has shown the need to step back and get his affairs in order.

After all, how is he going to tell the NHL to check themselves when it appears he’s already wrecking himself?

Recently, the Hockey Diversity Alliance, of which Kane is a founding board member, announced they allowed him to step away from his duties.

“We believe in due process and respect the privacy of Mr. Kane and his family,” tweeted the HDA. “In the meantime, Mr. Kane is on voluntary leave as an HDA Board Member as to not distract from our mission to eradicate systemic racism and intolerance in hockey.”

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