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Did the USFL’s Pittsburgh Maulers Really Cut De’Veon Smith Over Pizza?

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The USFL kicked off this past weekend, and while we expected some unique storylines from the reincarnated league, the “Pizza-Gate” incident involving the Pittsburgh Maulers was not one of them.

A few weeks before the start of the season, the USFL released a “United By Football” documentary to provide fans with an early look at the league.

But one of the segments has become a headache for the league and fodder for Twitter.

The clip featured an interaction between Pittsburgh Maulers head coach Kirby Wilson and running back De’Veon Smith.

Wilson informed viewers that Smith had “crossed the line. So we had to deal with it.”

It almost felt like a prank, like Smith’s mother was going to pop out and tell him that he made the team.

Instead, Smith found out that coach Wilson was cutting him for being disrespectful.

“Unfortunately, the cost of doing business, I’m going to have to let you go,” said Wilson to Smith.

Viewers tried to figure out how Smith disrespected the team, as no examples had been discussed. Smith even offered to explain what happened but coach Wilson declined.

“It’s not important,” said Wilson.

And then it dropped.

Apparently, they cut Smith because the running back was disrespectful over a choice in food.

Smith explained that he didn’t eat chicken salad, and asked for a slice of pizza from an employee. They responded “no” and asked Smith if that would be a problem. Smith said he respectfully responded “yes”. He even swore on his Dad’s life that he hadn’t been disrespectful.

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