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Deion Sanders Donating Half His Salary to JSU Football Facility Renovations

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Deion Sanders has brought a tidal wave of attention to Jackson State and HBCU football in general. His presence has captivated the media and fans across the college football landscape

Sanders is giving the program everything it needs, and now he’s giving even more.

Earlier in the week, coach Sanders announced he would give half of his salary to help complete the renovations to Jackson State’s football facility in time for the upcoming season.

“I’ll put more than that on it,” said Sanders after he was asked to give a quarter of his salary to the project. “To get this done for these kids, I’ll put half on it. If you don’t believe me, check me. I will send you the receipts.”

Sanders has a four-year deal with JSU that pays him an average base salary of $300,000 per year.

The targeted date of completion is August 4th, a month before the Tigers open up their season against Florida A&M in Miami.

It’s another great decision by Sanders that continues the growth of the Mississippi-based HBCU institution.

Yet it also makes us wonder what happened to the $1 million Diddy pledged to give to the program at the BET Awards in June….

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