Daniel Cameron Seeks to Reverse Mask Mandate for Kentucky Schools


Daniel Cameron continues his disappointing term as Kentucky’s attorney general — by seeking to overturn Governor Andy Beshear’s executive order requiring everyone to wear masks inside Kentucky schools.

“As Kentucky’s chief law officer, our office must ensure that the rule of law is upheld during this pandemic,” Cameron said in a statement. “This means protecting the law-making prerogative of the General Assembly and respecting the judicial power of our courts.”

According to Cameron, the mandate is an “unlawful exercise of power.” He is calling on the Supreme Court to “require the governor to follow the law.”

His filing comes as the delta variant cause coronavirus cases in the state to spike. Kentucky. Beshear reported 2,500 virus cases on Tuesday. The state now reports a total of 500,267 cases.

Beshear is also calling for employers to require COVID-19 vaccines for health care workers.

“I think today is a pivotal day in our battle against COVID-19,” Beshear said at a news conference last week. “You see a unified front in these health leaders that’s going to get a lot more people vaccinated.”

Cameron has done this before.

Last August, Cameron challenged Beshear’s COVID-19 executive orders in court. He argued that the governor “disregarded the constitutionally mandated separation of powers, which strictly prohibits a Governor from exercising legislative power.”

Cameron called on a judge to bar the governor from imposing any coronavirus orders in the state.

Beshear condemned the legal challenge, calling it “reckless and irresponsible.”

“It’s pretty simple, if they win, more people are going to die,” he said matter of factly.

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