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Copper Fit Dropped Brett Favre From Website Amid Welfare Scandal

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Brett Favre has been peddling Copper Fit for years, so the company stood by him when he was associated with the shocking Mississippi welfare scandal.

Even after pressure from the public, Copper Fit stood firm in its support of Favre.

“Copper Fit has worked with Brett Favre for nearly nine years,” Copper Fit said in a statement to Front Office Sports. “He has always acted honorably, and we know him to be a very decent man. To our knowledge, he was cleared of any wrongdoing two years ago. We are confident that will be the case in the civil suit.”

But late last week, the company finally relented in its support and removed Favre from its website.

According to Front Office Sports, the group photo of Favre, Jerry Rice and actress Gwyneth Paltrow on the company’s “Brand Champion” page was removed, along with Favre’s brand page and all mentions of him across the site.

Copper Fit finally joined other companies such as Sirius XM and ESPN Milwaukee, which previously parted ways with Favre.

However, content including Favre is still up on Copper Fit’s Instagram and YouTube accounts.

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