Boxing Fuels Life for Franchón ‘The Heavy Hitting Diva’ Crews-Dezurn


Franchón Crews-Dezurn wanted to be the next Brandy. She envisioned singing alongside her girls as the next Destiny’s Child.

Her love of singing and her musical talent enabled her to perform at the US Boxing Championships in 2005. When she was done, she left the ring and headed backstage to change.

Not into her street clothes but rather into boxing trunks.

You see, Franchón wasn’t there solely to sing.

She was there to fight.

And on that night she won twice. First as the singer of the national anthem and then as the new middleweight champion.

What started as a quest to lose weight became a career. Now Franchón Crews-Dezum is poised to carry women’s boxing to the next level. This Saturday, she fights Elin Cederroos of Sweden on the Triller Fight Club card in Miami in a unified title fight she’s prepared her whole career for.

“I wanted to be a singer, but I was chubby and needed to lose weight,” said Franchón in an interview on “What happens is that over time I was attracted to boxing, as it was a major challenge for me, and I ended up getting deeper and deeper into it.”

That attraction has produced a career to be proud of.

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