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Black Women Are Taking Charge at Super Bowl LVII

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Black History Month started off on a high note in sports as Black women are taking charge at Super Bowl LVII.

Yesterday, the NFL took to Instagram to inform fans that Autumn Lockwood, an assistant coach with the Philadelphia Eagles, will become the first Black woman to coach in a Super Bowl.

“With the @philadelphiaeagles advancing to #SBLVII, Coach Autumn Lockwood will become 4th woman to coach in a Super Bowl, and the first Black woman to do so. What an achievement,” posted the NFL.

But that’s not the only major move made by Black women around the Big Game.

When the Eagles beat the 49ers to advance to Super Bowl LVII, Nicole Lynn, Jalen Hurts’ agent, became the first Black woman to represent an NFL quarterback in the Super Bowl.

Being represented by powerful and successful women is something Hurts takes great pride in. He emphasized that fact in an interview with Sports Illustrated last year when he revealed that he has an all-female management team.

“I admire anyone who puts their head down and works for what they want. And I know women who do that daily, but they don’t get the same praise as men—they don’t get the praise that they deserve. I’ve seen that now with tons of different women in my life that are hustlers. Athletes, coaches, women in the business world of sports. I see it all the time. And they deserve their flowers too. So if me saying something about it brings more attention to it, then I’m all for that.”

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