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Black-Owned Fashion Brands to Inspire Your Spring/Summer 2023 Closets


It’s time to bid our final farewells to the harsh winter season as we enter into April. With clocks turned back, we see brighter and warmer days that can push us out of the house and out of our seasonal depressions. As nature begins to flourish and buds start to sprout, spring inspires new, colorful beginnings, exciting innovations and spring cleaning. It’s a time for us to declutter both our physical and mental spaces, so we can blossom into new and better versions of ourselves. As we reorganize our lives, now is a great time to tidy up our closets.

Spring is arguably one of the best seasons for fashion. As our environments become more saturated, the season brings forth an abundance of colorful and playful pieces to incorporate into our streetwear. It’s a time to experiment with different hues, bold statement pieces, accessories and more. As the essence of spring manifests itself into our mindsets, new expressions in our style and trends are certain to emerge. Street fashion is a great way to showcase everyday individual expressions, and as we clean out our closets, here are some Black-owned fashion brands you should check out to inspire your next look. 

Twiley TM

Twiley TM offers a wide range of sets and abstracts patterns that are sure to catch eyes. Based in LA, the brand ships globally and has quick response rates. Prices range from about $40-$300. 


Little Africa is another LA-based brand. They offer great quality graphic tees for men and women, as well as their signature “LA Tribal Hats.” They also sell rugs and socks. 

In the brand’s philosophy it states:

“LITTLE AFRICA ‘Soul Made Global’– Lifestyle brand which speaks to the essence of existence in a world of duality in the “City of Angels”. With the intent to celebrate the ideologies, culture, imagery, figures and sayings of those who exist or existed in a state of soul and funk!”

Brandon Blackwood

Brandon Blackwood offers great designer bags to complete your spring look. Named after the designer himself, the brand was founded by Blackwood in 2015 and went viral for its ESR bags-which stand for “End Systemic Racism.” These bags are one of many examples of how the brand uses its platform to promote social justice.

Who Decides War

Who Decides War merges social issues and politics with fashion through dope designs that support different concepts. Founded by Ev Bravado and Tela D’Amore in New York City, the brand takes influences from the city lifestyle and has gained a lot of attention in the hip-hop community. The brand has also acheived global recognition, and its name is definitely cemented in streetwear culture. 


Theophilio is a Black-owned designer brand with great Spring/Summer fashion influences. Founded by Edvin Thompson in Brooklyn, NY, the brand connects urban streetwear trends in NYC with aspects of Jamaican culture. Make sure to check out their “Rasta Collection” for the spring! 


Knature is a bohemian jewelry brand that offers high quality accessories. Founded by self-taught jeweler Aneshka Boozer in 2017, the small business has grown to be quite successful. It ships globally and prices range from about $30-$200. 

Nappy Head Club

Nappy Head Club is a brand that promotes Black self love in a beautiful way. It pushes against racism and discrimination through bringing awareness to-and fighting against-the lack of Black representation in the beauty and fashion industries in the past, while also enforcing Black pride. The brand has gained global attention and was founded by sisters, Rachel Topping and Rikki-Richelle.


Barriers is a New York-based streetwear brand that pays homage to Black historical figures. The brand’s signature graphic hoodies-which highlight different Black activists-have gained the attention of NBA players such as James Harden, hip-hop artists like Young Thug and the late Pop Smoke, and many other celebrities. The brand does a great job incorporating essential Black history and icons in modern streetwear. 

RJ Swim

RJ Swim has got you covered for your upcoming beach getaways with super cute swimwear. The brand offers bikinis, one pieces, cover ups and their popular swim mini skirts. 

Visionary Society

Visionary Society was founded by east coast fashion mogul, Diosdado Sima, in 2015. The brand takes influences from everyday life and pushes the message the everyone can connect with one another regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. In a divided world, the brand’s philosophy promotes common relatability through streetwear. 

Proper Tone

Proper Tone is an LA-based clothing brand that was founded by Compton native, Eric Bernard. Bernard uses influences from his environment growing up in his clothing designs which include tee shirts with his poetry printed on them. 

“I wanted depth in all the pieces that I created. I wanted people to see the meaning behind each design and quote and not just the label like many high-end brands do as they blast their logo on their clothes and sell them,” Bernard said in an interview with Our Weekly Los Angeles. “I wanted to be different, I want my supporters to be able to feel connected with me differently.”

You can purchase Proper Tone via Instagram, or at many LA-based flea markets. 

The Global Majority

Lastly, a big shout out to The Global Majority! Founded by none other than the Karen Hunter, the brand promotes global community and Black excellence. 

The Global Majority is a brand that celebrates the power of us. We stand for unity, our community and celebrating people and their ideas that inspire greatness.

To shop The Global Majority visit:

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