Belize: The Hidden Gem of Central America

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There’s a unique energy that you experience when you come here, and I now understand why Belizeans are so proud of their nation. It’s a combination of appreciating the nation’s deep and proud history, incredible culinary experiences that are deeply connected to the country’s history & a warm and welcoming society of people.

It’s also home to some of the bluest of waters, world-class dense jungles, and many natural landmarks like the world’s largest living barrier reef (since the deterioration of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef). It’s a scuba and snorkeler’s dream! It’s certainly a place worth investing time and resources in, which I believe has the potential to come back 10-fold. What I love most about our time here so far are little things like good wifi so I can work. There is room for improvement in some areas, but this place’s potential is undeniable. To put it into context, it reminds me of Bali 10 years ago when I first started traveling there.

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