Liz Cambage

Aces’ Liz Cambage Threatens Olympic Boycott Over ‘Whitewashing’ by Team Australia


Representation matters. Based upon their promotional team photos, the Australian Olympic team missed that lesson. But Las Vegas Aces and Australian basketball star, Liz Cambage, didn’t and is calling them out.

Cambage, whose father is Nigerian and mother is Australian, did not take kindly to photos of Australia’s Olympic and Paralympic teams and took to Instagram to let her feelings be known.

“How am I meant to represent a country that doesn’t even represent me,” wrote Cambage in her stories about the post, adding the hashtag “#whitewashedaustralia”.

After reading the other post comments, it’s obvious she wasn’t alone in her feelings.

“Must be white. I mean nice to have the complexion for the connection.” wrote one user.

“Blinded by the white.” wrote another.

“Y’all really do anything to remove POCs from the forefront when it’s black athletes leading the pack,” added Cambage. “until I see y’all doin’ more @ausolympicteam imma sit this one out.”

But she wasn’t done.

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Originally posted 2021-05-10 11:39:17.

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