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5 Gifts By Black-Owned Companies to Give to the Men in Your Life

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With the holidays rapidly approaching, people are rushing to get the last of the items on their shopping lists.

For those who still haven’t finished their purchasing, here are five gifts from Black-owned companies to give to any man in anyone’s life. 

  1. Terra Tory: The Gentle Treatment: Founded by entrepreneur Kimberly K. Waldropt, Terry Tory is a skincare company whose main mission is to keep products as natural as they can be. Priding itself on helping those with sensitive skin, this beauty company uses all FDA-regulated ingredients and superfood-based alternatives to create their products. All of their products are then packaged in materials that are plastic-free and eco-friendly. 

While they offer many products, the Gentle Treatment is one of their most popular ones. This is a product that’s made specifically for those that have issues with other skin care products. With this hypoallergenic product, users can heal their skin using an oats cube, a cactus and black pepper cube, multi-purpose butter and omega. Available on their site for $120, Terra Tory also offers customers a shower hook and a toiletry bag.

  1. Scotch Porter Ultimate Beard Collection: Available on the Scotch Porter website for $103, the company’s Ultimate Beard Collection contains a bear wash, conditioner, balm, serum, Boar’s Hair Brush and Kent Pocket comb. The products are all made with eco-friendly materials such as Biotin Liposomes, White Willow and Burdock Root, giving them a smell of both musk and florals. Overall, the Ultimate Bear Collection is vegan, non-toxic, paraben free, silicone free and cruelty-free amongst others.
  1. Lapatet Flamingo Sneaker: Made by sneaker company Enda, the Lapatet Flamingo Sneakers are part of the company’s most popular shoe collections. Featuring a white and pink rubber sole, the shoes were modeled after Kenyan scenery, such as Lake Nakuru, and flamingos. like the Greater Flamingo, that are native to the country. Originally founded in 2016 through a crowdfunding campaign, the company prides itself in not only creating running shoes for Kenyans, but also on becoming the first company to make athletic shoes in Africa. The Lapatet Flamingo Sneakers are available on their site for a reduced price of $81.
  1. Lluvia Shirt: Priced at 139 pounds and available for international shipping, the Lluvia shirt is a unisex shirt. Featuring a light brown and black polka dot patterm, this shirt is relaxed fit and is made completely of silk. The product is one of the Alledjo brand’s most popular pieces. Founded in 2017 by designer Kassim Lassissi, Alledjo is a company that focuses on representing its African heritage and diversity.
  1. GABU Lace-up Derby: Priced at $580 on the Armando Cabral website, the GABU Lace-up Derby shoes are specifically made in Italy by artisans who are masters at their craft. Guaranteed to last, the material’s genuine Italian calf leather. Available in colors of black, caramel and porto, the GABU Lace-up Derby Shoes also feature a leather sole. 
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