5 Black-Owned Social Media Apps That Are Alternatives to Twitter


With the many changes being made to Twitter, many are moving over to different social media apps for new and better experiences.

Here are five Black-owned social media apps that are alternatives to Twitter.


Created by two former employees for Twitter, Alphonzo “Phonz” Terrell and DeVaris Brown, Spill is a social media app that is centered around creating a platform for users to discover different cultures. Since Twitter announced its recent changes, the app sits in the top ten of the top free social networking apps. Available on the Apple App Store as “Spill-App,” Spill is based around “tea aesthetic,” allowing a user to post a “spill” or a post for other users to comment on as it gathers the “hottest 10 spills” for a user to read.


Founded by engineer Adeyinka Adegoke in 2021, MelaninPeople is a social media app that works towards building a community. Although it’s a social media app, a main aspect of the app is also that it helps connect people to Black-owned businesses through the marketplace section. Serving a dual purpose as a socio-business app, MelaninPeople helps users express themselves through text, videos and pictures while also supporting Black-owned businesses from across the world. The app is currently available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


Available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, Fanbase is a subscription-based social networking app created by Isaac Hayes III. For $4.99 a month, the app allows users to post on the social media app in order to earn profits from their own content. With each interaction with a follower, based on how much “love” a post gets, users receive currency. Made as a way to fight against social media disparities such as the equity gap, the Fanbase app is centered around ensuring that Black and Brown content creators are paid fairly for their material.


Found on the Apple App Store, the Movespot social app is the creation of Georgia State University student, Carl White III. Using pictures, videos and GIFs as part of the app’s interface, the Movespot app ensures that users get a friendly environment in a space that acts both as a social media platform and a social networking platform. Along with keeping up with trending stories, users can submit questions for others to answer, make posts, submit “moves” and go live. As a fusion of Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, the app is meant to help users interact with friends through expression.

Frequency People

Available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, this newly released app was created by tech founders John York and John McAdory. Each user is given the chance to create their own version of the social platform in spaces called the Frequency Universes. With the Frequency Universes and the app in general, the founders advocate for users to take hold of the creation of the communities on social media, allowing them to interact with people who have similar interests. At the same time, Frequency People also allows users to monetize the content they post. 

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