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5 Best Stocking-Stuffers Made By Black-owned Companies for Women

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As the holidays draw nearer with each day, citizens from all over the world are purchasing the last of their gifts, including those that’ll take their place in stockings rather than under the tree.

For this holiday season, here are the five best stocking stuffers by Black-owned companies for women.

  1. Introvert in the City Mindful Moon Deck: Created by spiritual company Introvert in the City, the Mindful Moon Deck is a perfect stocking stuffer that’ll help raise any loved one’s spirits. The deck of cards has a series of affirmations printed on each drawing and is decorated with images of spirituality and the universe. For $42, Introvert in the City allows shoppers to bundle together a Mindful Moon Deck with sage, crystals and incense. 
  1. Uoma Beauty Brow-Fro Baby Hair Brows Kit: Priced at $22, the Uoma Beauty Brow-Fro Baby Hair Brows Kit has shades for each eyebrow color. With this pencil, any user can get natural results because they can replicate even the thinnest strands of eyebrow hair. Founded by Sharon Chuter, a former beauty executive, Uoma Beauty is a brand that prides itself on its inclusivity and diversity of products. The company’s main message is one they hope to inspire people with- be you!
  1.  Bread Beauty Supply Hair Oil Everyday Gloss: Sold at a rate of $24, this Hair Oil Everyday Gloss’ main selling point is that this product is “like a lip gloss, but for your hair.” Leaving one’s hair smelling of strawberry lip smackers, this hair oil makes everyone’s hair look hydrated, leaving behind a shine that’ll last all day. 
  1. Leave a Message- Yunomi Cup: While this item is the priciest one on this list at $80, the Leave a Message – Yunomi Cup by cup company Ceramic Meltdown is worth every cent. The cup is hand-made with white stoneware clay and features colorful art with shades of yellow, red, brown and black. Founded by Kyle Lee, each cup- from design to execution- is made by the artist himself and features his abstract art. Lee is also known as one of the founders of BKLYN Clay, a ceramics studio that offers lessons to anyone who wishes to take them, and was selected as the inaugural winner of the BKLYN Clay Residency Program. 
  1. Kora Nail Polish: Sold by the Triple O Polish (or the OOO Polish), the Kora Nail Polish is a light green shade with a bit of glitter in its paint. This nail polish is handmade in batches, vegan and is 13 free of chemicals like formaldehyde and xylene. Besides the Kora Nail Polish, the company sells all shades of color, nail art and gel polish with UV light and has a collection dedicated to African culture. 
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