Mackanomics: Love and Money!

What To Do When You’re Ready and Your Spouse Is Not?

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Here are some basic tips that can help you implement a couple strategy for your household:

  1. MAKE IT REGULAR: Agree to a regular meeting to discuss your finances. Some make it once per week, but most I worked with made it twice a month. Don’t let a month go by that you don’t talk about your finances. If at all possible, don’t meet at home. Go to a coffee shop or somewhere away from your home where you can focus. There are too many distractions at home. If it is too inconvenient to leave the house because of your children or other obligations, wake up early and make time in a room (not your bedroom) where you can go over your budget and your plan. (You will find a reason to do a million things outside of the house, you can take some time to take your partner out to talk about something as important as your household finances).
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