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King of Morocco Launches COVID Vaccination Campaign

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King Mohammed VI of Morocco is set to begin the country’s COVID vaccination campaign on Thursday, beginning to roll out vaccines to essential workers and those at risk of infection.

On Wednesday, the country received half a million doses of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine. It was the second batch to arrive after 2 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine were received last Friday.

According to the Ministry of Health, Morocco purchased 66 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines. The government aims to vaccinate 80% of the Moroccan population.

Morocco has one of the most advanced vaccine rollout campaigns in Africa and has already shipped doses to different regions prior to the campaign’s launch. The government launched a website to allow citizens and residents to register for the vaccine.

The first rollout of the vaccine will prioritize health care workers, security officers, teachers, and those over the age of 75, AP reports. The campaign will also target areas with high infection rates.

King Mohammed VI instructed that the vaccine will be free of charge to all citizens.

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