Fortnite’s Tribute to MLK Divides Gamers


Fortnite is facing scrutiny over its decision to include a virtual experience of Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech.

The “March Through Time” launched on Thursday and is a collaboration between Fortnite and TIME Studios. Gamers are taken back in time to the Lincoln Memorial and National Mall, where King gave his historic speech in 1963.

“The experience extends with museum-inspired points of interest, and collaborative mini-game quests you complete with others,” Epic Games said in a statement. “These activities progress players through the experience and bring to life important themes of Dr. King’s speech: we move forward when we work together.”

But some gamers are baffled as to why anybody thought this would be a good idea. Social media’s reaction was a mixed bag.

However, the new project has the full backing of King Jr.’s Estate.

“We continuously strive to move Dr. King from the history books and place his legacy directly into the lives of younger generations,” Eric D. Tidwell, managing director and general counsel of the King Estate, said in a statement. “Presenting his most famous speech in such an interactive format helps us achieve that goal.”

Some have dismissed the experience as a mere gimmick, but Playstation says it hopes to educate its community.

“Civil Rights is a struggle we still fight for to this day, and it has benefited from the collective efforts of millions of people around the world. We hope the March Through Time experience inspires the community to promote mutual respect and empathy towards all people no matter their race, religion, or orientation.”

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