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Diddy Acting Bad Is Nothing New


The summer has barely commenced, heck it isn’t even officially summer, according to the calendar, but we already have a summer anthem, “Act Bad.”  The song is by Diddy (not sure if he actually wrote it and not just a check) and features Fabolous and the City Girls.  A very catchy and loose behavior-inspiring anthem, it is bound to be a hit at everyday parties this summer, with every geriatric millennial testing the boundaries of their aching knees and every Gen Z party girl shaking her ass. 

Normally, a 53-year-old would not be inspiring others to act bad, but hasn’t that been part of Diddy’s “Bad Boy,” persona since before his sort of girlfriend, Caresha, was born? 

Recently, Misa Hylton, the mother of Diddy’s son Justin went on a social media rant about her baby daddy’s ‘act bad,’ antics and accused him of being a terrible influence on their son, Justin, who was recently arrested on a DUI charge. Now, Justin is very much an adult—29 to be exact—but seeing as Diddy has blended the lines between adulthood and childhood since he had Usher at his parties, he probably is not the sternest parent, especially in regard to his sons. Also, owning a vodka company and selling the idea of “act bad” probably isn’t the cocktail that a responsible drinker or drover would choose. 

And back to this song, “Act Bad,” rapper, Swinderella has accused Diddy of stealing her song. 

Both the songs’ choruses consist mainly of those two words in succession, which can easily sound the same but easily be copied, as well. Say Diddy did hear that song—it would not be the first song Diddy heard and used without permission. Not only did he make his production career from sampling, but he also paid Sting millions of dollars because he forgot to do the business of clearing the sample he used for “I’ll Be Missing You.” The song copies the melody and some of the lyrics of the Police’s “I’ll Be Watching You,” written by then frontman, Sting.  This probably wasn’t the first time Diddy owed someone royalties. It was just the first time he did it to someone too big for him to deny. Well, according to Ma$e, Diddy owes him money, but according to Diddy, Ma$e owes him money.  However, according to former “Making the Band” members, Diddy made millions from the band members, and they only made about 50k each.

According to Fred, a rapper in the group, Diddy’s mother made more money from them than they did. Rap group, The Lox, revealed they had to pay to be released from their contract, and yet Diddy still makes 50% of their publishing, which includes any songs they put out in the future as well. I’m sure Diddy would’ve probably made more money from the artist Shyne, had he not been upstate for eight years taking the fall for Diddy in the now famous nightclub shooting that ended with Diddy on trial for weapons charges, J. Lo leaving him and Shyne in prison. However, Shyne was released from his contract without having to pay to get out.

Hmm, interesting.

When it comes to these artists, could it be that these people simply were too eager to be famous that they didn’t read the contracts in full? Sure, but as a Black business mogul, stealing from Black artists—excuse me—exploiting Black artists does, in fact, make you an a*shole and is far beyond just acting bad. 

I don’t like telling people to act an age that I have never experienced, but I do think that while Diddy is extremely charismatic and magnetic, his antics are sh*tty, and a bit more acting bad than they need to be. People have multiple children and multiple baby mamas. It happens whether you are rich or whether you are poor, but getting another woman pregnant while dating another woman, who is two months younger than your son, who just got arrested for a DUI and you own a vodka company, and you’re a billionaire who gave your mother a million-dollar check during the pandemic while people were extremely broke and unemployed, not to mention the artists who claim, and with good reason, that you’ve stolen from, some which you made walk ten miles for cheesecake that you knew would not be available, and then while also promoting, “love,” is a bit too much.

Maybe instead of acting bad, he should just act better. 

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