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Amy Cooper Considers Lawsuit as Charges Against Her Are Dropped

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Amy Cooper, the woman who made headlines for calling the police on an innocent Black man who was out walking his dog, is considering taking legal action after the misdemeanor charge against her was dropped.

Following the dismissal, her attorney took to Twitter and hinted that Cooper would soon be bringing charges of her own. Robert Barnes feels the decision to implement a “restorative justice resolution” over jail time was essentially an acquittal.

“After a thorough & honest inquiry, the New York DA’s office dismissed all charges today,” Barnes tweeted. “Others rushed to the wrong conclusion based on inadequate investigation & they may yet face legal consequences.”

Cooper was walking her dog in May of last year while Christian Cooper (no relation) was bird-watching at a wooded area of Central Park called the Ramble. Her dog was not on a leash, and Mr. Cooper approached her to inform her that she was in violation of the park’s rules.

She then became hysterical after realizing that Mr. Cooper was recording their interaction, called the cops and alleged that he had threatened her and her dog — which he had not.

Ms. Cooper had faced up to a year in prison on the charge of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree, but after completing a racial bias program, the judge granted Manhattan prosecutors’ request to dismiss Cooper’s case. The program included five therapy sessions “designed for introspection and progress,” Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon said at a brief virtual hearing.

Ms. Cooper’s intention to pursue legal action against the state proves that she has not learned her lesson despite her completion of the racial bias course. But with Cooper having received the legal equivalent of a slap on the risk after committing a crime which could have at best, led to the smearing of another innocent Black man — and at worst, cost him his life — are we surprised that she’s flexing her white privilege?

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